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Call for Conference Session Proposals

Welcome to the 2018 AFP International Fundraising Conference Call for Session Proposals


(1) Allow yourself the time (roughly 20 -45 minutes) to complete the form.
(2) You will need to hit the "Submit" button at the end of the process in order for your proposal to be saved.
(3) You will have a chance to edit your proposal up until the
 Call for Conference Session Proposals closes on May 15, 2017 at 11:59 PM ET.

Thank you for your interest in submitting an education conference session proposal for the 2018 AFP International Fundraising Conference, to be held April 15-17, 2018, in New Orleans, LA. This conference offers the best educational opportunities for fundraising professionals from around the world. Your participation can enrich the experience and enlighten our participants.

**Please review carefully the information in this document before submitting your proposal.**

AFP Conference Education Session Tracks

Current and Prospective Donor Research (which includes: Donor Acquisition, Donor Retention, Donor Giving Patterns, Data Analysis Techniques, Data Gathering Techniques, and Data Management System)

Securing the Gift (which includes: Direct Mail, Case Statement, Gift Agreements, Proposal Writings, Special Events, Social Media, Sponsorships, Annual Giving, Capital Campaigns, Bequests, and Major Gifts)

Relationship Building (which includes: Cultivation and Stewardship, Communications, Incentives, Culture of Philanthropy, and External Spheres of Influence)

Volunteer Involvement (which includes: Recruitment, Governance Principles and Models, Skills Training, Value of Diversity and Community Representation, Board/Staff Roles in Governance and Management, and Organizational Culture)

Leadership and Management (which includes: Strategic Planning, Fundraising Plan, Financial Management, Marketing and Public Relations Principles, Human Resource Management, and Effective Leadership)

Ethics, Accountability and Professionalism (which includes: Accountability and Ethics, Advocacy and Public Policy, Accounting and Investment Principles, Transparency, and Continuing Professional Development Opportunities)

Trends and Innovation (which includes: Entrepreneurship, New Fundraising Practices, Technology, and Big Ideas)

Proposal Review Process

Proposals are selected by AFP staff based on recommendations from the Conference Education Advisory Committee (“Committee”), a team of volunteers that represents the diversity of AFP’s international membership.

The Committee meets 4-5 times per year, including a required in-person meeting each June, to review and rate proposals. The following criteria are taken into consideration:

• Current relevance to the profession and contribution to the conference program in terms of topic, sector, and experience level
• Evidence of innovative thinking and fresh insights

• Research-based content (where appropriate or relevant)
• Knowledge and expertise of speaker
• Previous speaking experience and session ratings

• Interactivity/engagement with session attendees
• Diversity of speaker background, experiences, perspective, and ideas

• Demonstrated thought leadership in the field

The lead speaker who submits the proposal will be notified of its status, accepted or not, by September 30, 2017. Note: Each year AFP receives more proposals than can be accommodated. For instance, AFP received 470 proposals for 70 sessions for the 2017 conference in San Francisco. Having a proposal turned down may not constitute a judgment on its quality.

Proposal Submission & Speaker Guidelines

Please note the following guidelines:

1) Proposal Submission Method and Deadline -- Proposals must be submitted online at call for conference session proposals portal will open early-March and close May 15, 2017 at 11:59 PM ET.

2) Eligibility to Submit Proposals --

• AFP welcomes proposals from members and non-members.

• AFP encourages both new and experienced speakers, including those speakers who can provide diverse perspectives.

• Potential speakers must disclose any affiliations with for-profit organizations, and if selected are expected to speak as private individuals and not representatives of the organization. To present a session on behalf of a for-profit organization, potential speakers should contact Lee Anne Pirrello, AFP’s Director of Business Development, to inquire about sponsored sessions.

• Members of the current Conference Education Advisory Committee are not eligible to submit proposals while serving. However, AFP reserves the right to select Committee members to speak in order to fill gaps in programming, as needed.

3) Speaker Profiles – All speakers must provide a 100-word biography in the proposal. For proposals with more than one speaker, a lead speaker should be identified as the primary contact. Note that any changes to proposed speakers or the session itself must be vetted by the Committee and approved by AFP staff.

4) Session Day and Time – Sessions are scheduled throughout the conference and speakers cannot be given a preference or choice regarding their day and time slot.

5) Session Technology – AFP provides an LCD projector, screen, and microphone in every session room; availability of Internet connections will vary by conference site. Speakers are required to provide their own laptops and adapters.

6) Session Slides & Handouts – Speakers must use the approved AFP format for session presentation slides. Speakers are strongly encouraged to post session slides and handouts on the conference website prior to the start of conference, so that attendees can view and print ahead of time. AFP does not enable onsite copying or other distribution.

7) Complimentary Registration (Limited to 4 speakers per session) -- Conference sessions are generally considered contributions to the profession. Speakers who abide by all obligations and deadlines will receive complimentary registration for the day of their session, and will have the option to register at a discounted rate for the rest of the conference.

8) Additional Guidelines – Please note:

• All speakers must abide by the Speaker Policy and Standard Guidelines, and electronically agree to the Speaker Policy via the online Speaker Service Center.

• By participating in the conference, speakers agree that their session(s) may be recorded and/or streamed and sold by AFP, with no monetary benefit or revenue share accruing to the speaker.

• Consultants and representatives of other for-profit organizations and service providers may not promote their company, products, or services as part of their presentations. Sessions and session content—including sponsored sessions—must be of an educational nature only.

• Book authors may use and reference their books during sessions, but may not sell anything. Any author wishing to make direct sales must rent exhibit space.




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